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Search Engine Optimisation Services


Search engine optimisation can be the most cost effective element of any online marketing project!

If you would like to improve the content and structure of your website to increase the quality of traffic from search engines via organic search results then you need Search Engine optimisation (SEO). The higher a website appears in the list of results on a search engine, the more people visit the site.

Why use Search Engine Optimisation?

Take these facts into consideration…

  • Up to 90% of internet users use search engines to find information or research a product or service before buying it.
  • About 65% of business websites were written only with the customer in mind not search engines.

With these figures in mind, poor Search Engine marketing means that your website can’t be visible unless the internet user goes through the pages of search results, but let’s be honest who goes past the first two pages?

The answer: about 25 %.
75% of searchers never look beyond the first few pages of search results.

Bearing this in mind if your website doesn’t appear in the first two pages of a search engine then your company is losing vital traffic it needs to sustain profit.

What we can do for you:

  • Page titles: We ensure the page titles are clean and descriptive with URL’s rich in chosen keywords, and accurate meta-tags to guarantee that search engine users see that your website will be of use to them.
  • Page content and Keyword Phrases: Our copywriters use good quality, unique, well laid-out page content that gives people the information they’re looking for, with emphasis on selected keyword phrases to ensure you have the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results.