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Retargeting Strategies


A potential customer has visited your storefront but still chose not to order? It’s hardly surprising. Research has proven that almost no consumer orders directly from a store, first time round.

Retargeting ensures that a visitor, who has already visited your storefront, can be contacted once again with the potential for a sale to convert. By retargeting previous visitors, you are able to approach them with offers on similar products to what they were initially interested in.

Our retargeting campaigns:

360 Square Marketing can strategically implement a retargeting strategy for your business. Also known as ‘remarketing’ or ‘behavioural targeting’, retargeting can be an effective marketing technique used to captivate the interests and intentions of previous visitors.

Through the use of display networks including the most common Google Display Network, we are able to specifically target banners that are displayed, focusing on the surfing habits of potential customers.

Behavioural targeting:

It is often thought that retargeting is a simple, turnkey solution to reaching customers; however this is not the case. It is important that a clear strategy is implemented through “behavioural targeting” in order to be successful.

At 360 Square Marketing our retargeting consultants create tailored packages to suit the needs of our clients in order to best captivate the relevant consumers.

With statistics showing that over 90% of visitors do not purchase first time, the recall through retargeting is proven to create a huge boost of qualifying traffic.

The key to success:

With communication and essential tool for the success of any retargeting campaign, our retargeting specialists will continuously keep you up to date. You will always know what are retargeting campaign experts are doing and why.

Our clients receive clear and unique reports on a regular basis, meaning you always have control over the results and objectives of your retargeting marketing campaign.