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Generating Leads through your website

Affiliate Marketing

You want to generate more leads through your website or see a rise in your shops sales? You own an eye catching website whilst running successful campaigns but still desire better results? Then it’s time to get started on achieving your goals with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique used by businesses that reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that is brought through the affiliates own marketing strategies and efforts.

Affiliate marketing is primarily focused on networks and publishers. Networks facilitate the overall provision of the content, material and the focus point of any affiliate marketing campaign. Publishers, also known as ‘affiliates’ are the websites used in order to promote your marketing campaign contributing to the overall success of your website.

Our affiliate marketing campaigns:

At 360 Square Marketing our affiliate marketing consultants work around the clock to ensure that your affiliate marketing campaigns are reaching targets whilst maintaining vital contacts between the involved parties.

Clear planning is the key to any affiliate marketing campaign. Our affiliate marketing consultants will first need to establish your businesses goals in order to create and maintain a compelling and successful affiliate marketing campaign for you.

We are able to source and identify which networks are best appropriate for the use of your unique affiliate marketing campaign. Each network has its own strengths, meaning strategic decisions can often prove essential.

Our affiliate marketing consultants will establish the terms and conditions of your affiliate marketing campaign to determine which publishers will be used and what will be expected of each publisher.

Creation of a campaign calendar:

All successful affiliate marketing campaigns always have a clear campaign calendar. A campaign calendar best describes what periods of time is important to your marketing campaigns, which trends you react to and what actions are effectively planned.

Creating a unique campaign calendar for your affiliate marketing campaign will allow are affiliate marketing consultants to enter into dialogue with the publishers directly, enabling us to work with them to launch the right actions.

Affiliate marketing management:

With a dedicated and experienced team of affiliate marketing managers, we are confident that we can help you to establish your goals.

Our affiliate managers continuously invest time and effort into maintaining strong relationships with the publishers used to promote your website. Our affiliate managers chose a group of publishers which best suit your affiliate marketing campaign, allowing them to set up actions that bounce.

With the goal of generating more sales and leads from both high quality and qualifying customers, there is an on-going potential for your marketing campaign to be taken to the next level.

The key to success:

With communication and essential tool for the success of an affiliate marketing campaign, our affiliate marketing managers and consultants will continuously keep you and your chosen publishers up to date. Remaining in communication with the networks, publishers and with our customers directly, you always know what are affiliate marketing campaigns experts are doing and why.

Our clients receive clear and unique reports on a regular basis, meaning you always have control over the results and objectives of your affiliate marketing campaign.